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From the very beginning, we, the RastaFamily, were determined in our mission to create a revolution for creators from around the world, tackling the many challenges they face on a daily basis. The Zion LaunchPad (ZLP) initiative by Rasta is about to set sail on its journey to ZION and forever change the way that creators and artists commercialize their creations, whether they are physical products or pieces of art meant to be consumed digitally. And now, let us guide you on how exactly we plan to do that through the ZLP.

What Exactly is ZLP By Rasta?

Zion LaunchPad by ZionLabs is a completely decentralized tool that is built on the Binance Smart Chain with the purpose of empowering creative artists by uniting them with their fanbase and helping them to earn a more diverse and larger streams of income, without relying on third parties, middle men, and predatory institutions. This revolutionary tool is built upon the foundation of Web3.0, using the latest in blockchain technology aimed at creating sustainable micro-economies around creative artists and solve the hurdles lodged in their way. In order to really understand the challenges that artists face on a daily basis, we must dive deeper into the history of the music industry itself.

A Brief History of the Music Industry and How Artists Have Been Struggling to Earn Enough.

If we go back to the time when the music publishing industry had just started, generating adequate income, especially for upcoming artists had always been a tough thing to accomplish. In the late 70s when the music industry experienced a big boom, going to the recording studios was a very expensive effort for artists to afford. Studio time was precious, and too few and far in between. Then in the 80s when MTV came around, creating music videos was the ultimate way to advertise the artists; which also came with its own set of costs and hurdles. Although it became easier to generate income, on average, artists were still unable to earn enough, because the payments for music videos were set against the royalties. Artists who signed to big record labels started to realize that they did not earn that much money at all. In fact, only 15% of music sales would reach the artists’ pocket.

In the past few years, independent artists began to emerge along with the advancement of technology that allowed them to independently produce their own music without the need for a major record label. Whereas today, with the rise of streaming platforms, music has become more accessible than ever. Though one question remains: With all this accessibility, are the artists finally earning enough to support their efforts?

The answer may still be “not yet”, as compensation for artists remains insufficient and payouts take a long time. Therefore, the ZLP is transforming this bitter reality with the excellence of blockchain technology.

How Zion Launchpad brings Blockchain Technology into the artists’ Hands to Solve These Problems

Since the day it was first implemented, blockchain technology has provided solutions to fundamental problems in various industries. It benefits society with its decentralized nature by eliminating fraud, controlling authentication problems, automating manual procedures, and much more. Using our lightweight DeFi (Decentralized Finance) tools that are developed on the blockchain system, music fans can have an elevated experience with their favourite artists, where music streams can be monetized straight away, product sales can be completed with wallets directly, giving artists more control over their precious work.

With this platform, artists are able to launch products, services, and goods with ease; without interruptions from anybody in the middle. On the other side, fans can support their favourite artists and take a part in their success while also earning money through their own private wallets as they can buy unique NFTs from the artists and stake them on the ZLP platform for a high return. This builds a strong, engaged community. Furthermore, by choosing crypto as compensation, artists can conduct business with exponential returns and multiply their yields as most cryptocurrencies use deflationary economics (versus traditional currencies which are almost always inflationary; losing more and more buying power over time). The $MRASTA or Ms. Rasta Token will be the foundational token of the Zion LaunchPad, forming a truly unique ecosystem: We call this the MRASTA-based Artist Economy.

Last but not least, as ZLP allows for power of the community to make monumental impact on artists’ lives, as the platform enables raising funds for artists to speed up their careers (through crowdfunding), all while nurturing the value of $MRASTA tokens for and by the community. We believe this innovative platform will grow and continue to steer bigger income flow for the creators in today’s economy, allowing them to create freely, without stress, worry and anxiety.

Are you ready to be a part of this revolutionary community?

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