The Grand Voyage to the OpenSea

3,100 Lions have left their Native Land

As the Zion Lions and the female lion warriors worked together to build their new empire, they faced many challenges. Some lions struggled to adjust to the new way of life, while others resisted the change and longed for their old ways. The female lion warriors, too, found it difficult to reconcile their traditional ways with the desire for progress and advancement. As the Professors found novel ways of advancing research, they used the help of the Builders to make their visions a reality.

Despite these challenges, the lions and warriors persevered, and their newly founded Zion Nation had flourished. As the months passed, the lions and warriors intermingled, forming new bonds and families. The once divided groups became one, united in their goal of building a better future for all.

But as Zion grew, so did its enemies. Other animal tribes, envious of the lions’ and warriors’ success, began to plot against them. They sought to overthrow the lions and warriors, and take control of the rich and fertile land of Zion Island for themselves. Although the old Empire had now faded as their primary threat, the Lions were still in the crosshairs of many.

The lions and warriors knew they had to be vigilant in the face of these threats. They trained and prepared for battle, honing their skills and strengthening their bonds, and before their second anniversary on the Island, the ZionLions knew that they had to begin their naval combat strategies and explore the “OpenSeas”.

Today, we proudly announce that 3,100 of our ZionLions departed the Zion Nation for the wide OpenSea (NFT Marketplace). They seek to discover more uncharted territories, recruit new allies to conquer more distant lands.

For the crypto-savy, do not fret, these 3,100 Lions will also be eligible for their birth-right treasury yields (as in, they will also be stakeable on for supercharged rewards).

Current yields for our ZionLions are very juicy:

- Farmers are earning 6% APR

- Explorers are earning 74% APR

- Builders are earning 84% APR

While the ZionLions are on the OpenSea, it will be the female warriors that will keep the island in pristine condition and in constant progression. Only 2,000 of the ZionLions will remain before we reveal what is next, that will surely blow you all away.

Over the course of the next few months, we will learn more about the collection that highlights the incredible female warriors, dubbed as the Ms. Rasta NFT Collection.

They will focus exclusively on our heroic warriors, and will form the next act of the incredible Zion Saga.

Hold on tight to your ships, as these waters will become a whole lot more adventurous during 2023.

And as the sun sets on another year, we know that, no matter what challenges lay ahead, we will always stand together, united in our love and determination to build a better future for all.

With Love,

❤ ZionLabs ❤



The Community with The Heart of a Lion

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